Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Country and Western"

An excerpt from an excellent new article by James Poniewozik on Time.com-

"Fox News, I wrote, is like the bar in The Blues Brothers that has "both kinds of music: country and western." That is, it does so well in part because it brings under one umbrella several different kinds of conservative. There's Neil Cavuto's Wall Street, big-business conservatism, Mike Huckabee's religious conservatism, Sean Hannity's party-line Republicanism, Bill O'Reilly's grouchy reactionariness—and now, touching a hot-button in the year of budget stimuli, Glenn Beck's conservative (and paranoid) libertarianism."

Read the full article at Time.com-

Beck to Couric: Obama Better Than McCain, Hillary Better Than Both - Tuned In - TIME.com