Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why We Need the Public Option

For just a minute, lets forget about the big, obvious reasons of why America needs a public option (like people losing their jobs, thus losing their health care they have through their employer, and going broke from being sick. Or people with serious medical conditions who can't receive coverage because of greedy insurance companies with small print loopholes about "pre-existing conditions" and "rare afflictions") and focus in on something not many sources have brought up:

With or without a public option, health reform will pass this year. Most politicians will say they support health reform (although the validity of some of their sentiment is in question, to say the least), some just say they will not support a public option. Part of any health reform will be an insurance mandate. This means you will HAVE to purchase some kind of health care. That's a good thing. Your health is the most important thing you have and there is a time in everybody's life when they will need health treatment.

Now, the public option is suppose to exist to provide an option to the lowest income families, but also to force the health insurance companies to be competitive and play fair. If health reform passes without a public option, we will all be forced to buy insurance plans from the same insurance companies that we are trying to reign in and reform. The same companies that have been raising premiums, denying coverage, and gouging people financially. Health reform without a public option will be rewarding them.

Why isn't that covered anywhere?

Tell your representatives you want REAL health reform-


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