Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a Politician?

Lou Dobbs is reportedly talking about running for the Senate, as an intermediate step to running for the White House. There has been talk about Glenn Beck running for office. Some still consider Sarah Palin a serious nominee.Has reality TV really already effected people's brains this much? You've always had to have a celebrity appeal, they call it charisma, to run for office. All three of them do. But you use to be required to actually know something too. Is everybody else as frightened by the prospect of having celebrity "face" politicians, who have a television smile, but literally know nothing more than what their advisers just briefed them on? I shudder for us, Facebook generation.


  1. *Shudder* indeed, Joe. But I'm not sure if this whole brainless "celebrity" schtick is new with the GOP, after all they did bring us actor-turned-fatcat Ronald Reagan.

    Scary stuff.