Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why People Love Sarah Palin

From New Left Media at

They also had this posted, in response to any potential criticism of partisanship:

It has been said in comments that we would find similarly talking point-driven, substance-less supporters at an Obama rally, and we agree. But no politician has emerged on the national stage as ... See More undefined and unqualified as Sarah Palin, and her public persona--which is anti-intellectual by definition--discourages substance. Instead, we get winking. One could hardly imagine her giving a complex speech about race in America, or speaking eloquently about our country's relations with Islam. Not just because she couldn't write such a speech (Obama has speech-writers, of course) but because she wouldn't--such necessarily academic discussion is antithetical to the persona she's created for herself and that her supporters have come to love.


  1. I imagine that if you compare all Palin supporters, all of them are uninformed, with only a certain percentage of Obama supporters.

  2. With respect guys, there's uninformed, and then there's being utterly oblivious to anything resembling policy, values or stated aims: no one on this video could articulate one of the above. And the level of ignorance shown with regards to "Marxism, Leninism, Socialism" and "Czars" is just stultifying.

    The killer line is this: "See, if you're right, you don't have to compromise: compromise is for people that are wrong..."

    That's the kind of simpleton rhetoric on which president Gump thrived for his disastrous 8 years prior to Obama.

    Nice blog you got here, Terry, some great writing and reading.