Friday, November 20, 2009

Senate Health Care Vote

Tomorrow there will be a vote on whether or not to allow the Senate Health Care Bill to move on to the Senate floor (where the real vote on the actual legislation takes place). Every single Republican senator is united in a filibuster attempt to block the legislation from even having a chance to be properly debated on.
(Why they are so afraid of a fair vote beats me).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs every Democrat in the Senate to be united in this vote tomorrow.

Call your senator, now!

And especially call if you have a Republican senator and let them know you are paying attention and not happy with their actions.

Organizing for America |

"We're in the final sprint toward reform, and the next challenge is already here. It's critical for constituents to weigh in right away, and for senators to hear quickly and unmistakably: Move forward! Please call your senators now.

We need to thank those who have fought so hard to get us this far, and remind them all that their constituents support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and want a fair and honest debate without delay."

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