Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Open Letter To A Delusional Reader

From Mario Piperni, at

A reader from Tennessee writes in response to the current health care system.

“I have never in my 58 years of life known anyone first hand, or even second or third hand that has experienced the difficulties you mention. While I am certain there are exceptions, I don’t think it is nearly as rampant as the left/libs want us to think. I think a lot of the “hysteria” concerning shortcomings of the Health Care System are a healthy dose of “Chicken Little”.”

To him I say, check this link from a View from a Stall. ( Former health insurance executive, Wendell Potter talked about dropping into…

“…a three-day charity program at a county fairgrounds to provide medical care for patients who could not afford doctors. Long lines of people were waiting in the rain, and patients were being examined and treated in public in stalls intended for livestock.”

You sit wherever the hell it is you sit surrounded by the possessions of your comfortable life and doubt that there is real suffering out there. You talk about “exceptions”. You try to make people who speak of the suffering and death caused by a broken health care system appear as if they are delusional and hysterical.

No, my friend, it is you who are not only delusional, but blind. I think you honestly believe your own words and that makes you the most dangerous and pathetic type of American. You believe that with some tinkering, whatever minor problems there might be within the current system, they would be fixed and everyone would shut up and stop complaining. You are one who judges everything by the manner in which they themselves are affected. If it isn’t raining over whatever part of Tennessee you’re at, then it just isn’t raining. Or, should someone convince you that it is indeed raining in California or New York, then you have no problem assigning blame to the individuals who are getting wet. It is their fault. It is always their fault.


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