Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's Wrong With Glenn Beck

The following is clipped from a conversation I was having with an ideological opponent, so if it seems short, crude, or incomplete, that is why. Still a good summary of my feelings on the subject: is a sad testament to Beck that despite watching his show, having heard his radio show, and reading his book (Common Sense), I can't actually argue against any of his political positions, because he doesn't really have any, which is what my problem with him in short boils down to. He admits himself to being a rodeo clown entertainer, and if that is all he was worth, I wouldn't even care about him. Unfortunately, he presents himself and some perceive him to be a credible news source or a fair and legitimate pundit opinion.

Let me get to it with some examples-Beck is fond of saying that health care reform is a government take over, is going to lead to a socialized state, and is Obama's way of getting back at whites for slavery (yes, he actually said that), yet he presents NO ideas, alternatives, or solutions of his own. (This is where that party of "no" stuff comes in). Even if they don't agree how to do it, a majority of Americans support health care reform and recognize the system is broken. Steeping your speech in anti-government rhetoric and hate is not tantamount to offering a solution or alternative. The same goes for him on the bailouts and the stimulus, which he railed against, cried about, said all kinds of offensive and crazy things and generally lost his mind over without offering any ideas or alternative to how to save American jobs, companies, and savings. Just saying "no" or "less government" does not address or solve any of the problems facing President Obama and America. It's easy to sit on the side lines and shout how the plays should be done, anyone can do it. Doesn't mean it's worth anything. But in addition to having no ideas or substance, he is also just a hate-mongering, possible racist, that plays to and amps up people's irrational fear for his own selfish reasons of book sales and ratings. That is why I not only don't like Glenn Beck or agree with him on anything, I don't have any respect for him.


  1. what is wrong with you? you have no clue what you are talking about...obviously you haven't really listened to him, or you are an idiot.

  2. I have watched his show, listened to his radio program, and read his book as well, all at the behest of my "conservative" coworkers. I read his book and had the conclusion... a lot of it did make sense, but he seemed to contradict himself from the numerous stances he makes on air.

    In the book, he warns of conspiracy theorists and claims of shadow governments, yet on his very show, he speaks of conspiracy theories and shadow governments.

    I asked the Beck followers I know to explain this. There response is that Beck's conspiracy theories are true. They then ask me if I'm still drinking the kool-aid. Apparently, they are the one drinking the kool-aid.

    It surprises me how people can believe such nonsense. Although I voted for Obama, I do not hang onto every one of his words. Heck, I even voted for Bush both times, AND his brother! It's just that Beck and his cronies at Fox are getting crazier by the minute, and I feel that the sane people who can smell his brand of bullcrap are being pushed off to the sides!

  3. Doesn't he look and act like Jiminy Glick (the Martin Short character)?

  4. I agree, Kevin. Figures like Beck and Hannity are polarizing in degrees that are hard to fathom. To me it seems like anyone who doesn't agree with them is their enemy. They have no interest in getting that person on their side, because they are already marked as some kind of evil foe. And I wasn't familiar with Jiminy Glick, but a Google image search proves you to be very much correct. That has to be intentional.